Vineyard notes:
In the late 80’s, we searched for a vineyard that could produce Sauvignon Blanc exhibiting tropical fruit aromas in contrast to the then popular grassy, herbaceous style. Sauvignon Blancs that were winning competitions at that time did not appeal to me, having aromas reminding me of smoked peat, like single malt Scotch whiskies. I found what I was looking for in the Redwood Valley region, which has since earned the distinction of having its own appellation. Since then, Fieldbrook Sauvignon Blancs have consistently earned top awards in major competitions.

Production notes:
Our grapes are picked early in the morning, as soon as the pickers can see their fingers. The grapes are still cold when they reach the winery, where we lightly press them, transferring the juice to a settling tank. As we press, we monitor pH. When the pH begins to climb, we stop and although the pomace is quite wet and could have supplied more juice, we cart it off to our garden. (We grow great vegetables!) After a few days when the juice has settled, we siphon off the clear to another tank for cold fermentation, lasting from five to six weeks. When the residual sugar drops below 0.4%, we turn on the chiller to stop the fermentation. At this point, the wine is transferred to neutral oak where it begins to age on its lees. We stir the lees weekly, and when the wine has matured to our satisfaction it is bottled.