Vineyard notes:
When we began making wine, over 30 years ago, we believed our future lay in making wine from grapes grown in Humboldt County, and produced several wines from this vineyard, located by the Trinity River outside of Willow Creek, in Humboldt County. The fruit was good, but the owner was a bit difficult, so we looked outside of Humboldt County for our grapes. Since that time, the vineyard land was purchased by the Sun Valley Group, a large operation principally involved in producing cut flowers. In 2010, they contacted us to see if we were interested in making wine from their vineyards, and this Sauvignon Blanc is our first attempt.
Production notes:
As we have made Sauvignon Blanc for many years, we followed our normal procedure of lightly pressing the grapes, followed by a few days of allowing the juice to settle. As this harvest produced juice with a slightly higher TA (titratable acidity) than the Sauvignon Blanc from Redwood Valley, we stopped the fermentation a bit earlier than normal to better balance the TA with the residual sugar.
Winemaker notes:
This wine has identifiable varietal character, something we always strive to promote in our wines. That it is also a product of Humboldt County is a benefit for those who believe in “locally grown, locally made, and locally consumed.”