Vineyard notes:

The problem: We wanted to produce a Super-Tuscan style of wine where the base consists of Sangiovese, the principal grape grown in Tuscany.  Super-Tuscans, however add a component of “French” varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  As Fox Hill only grows Italian varietals, we needed to look elsewhere for the cab and merlot.  And, we needed a name.  We decided to use cab from Elizabeth Vineyrd and merlot from the Seabisquit Ranch.  And for the name, I hit upon the idea of “il montaggio,” which roughly translates to montage or collage- a superposition of graphic elements.

Production notes:

Each of the wines that go into this blend are produced separately.  The proportion of each that reaches the final blend is an extended process of experimental decision making.  The final blend varies a bit from year-to-year, but usually, we end up with about 65 % Sangiovese.

Winemaker notes:

Our il montaggio is our flagship wine. Sangiovese, by itself, is a wonderful, fruitty wine with good acidity. As it ages, the fruit component diminishes.  With the addition of Cabernet Sauvignon,  the fruity component is muted during the early years, but as the wine ages, the cabernet helps it to mature into a classic wine on par with the world’s best.