Vineyard notes:

Elizabeth Vineyard is located in Redwood Valley, just north of Ukiah in Mendocino County. “Our” block of cabernet has been reserved for us for over a decade and consists of a bit less than one acre. There seems to be something special about this small parcel, based on the numerous awards we have received (see below).

Production notes:

While our methods of production are traditional, our cab from this vineyard is the most difficult to process owing to the hight skin-to-juice ratio.  Out of the crusher, it is difficult to pump, as is punching down the cap during fermentation, especially during the early phase.  The resulting wine has lots of extract.

Winemaker notes:

We have been awarded a stunning array of awards for our Cabernet Sauvignon coming from Elizabeth Vineyard with several vintages earning gold medals and “Best of” categories at the California State Fair wine competition.  Often, this wine has outscored Napa cabs selling three times the price.