Next Local Wine Club is November 11, 2017, noon-5pm!

Local Wine Club — Our local wine group features quarterly events at the winery with specialty food pairings, free tastings of current releases, live music, bocce tournaments and more. Join the club and come drink wine with us!

There is no initial cost to join, other than the first-time tasting fee of $10.

Local Wine Club members agree to purchase two bottles of wine per quarter (8 bottles per year). There are two featured wines selected each quarter (either a red and a white, like Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet) or two reds (Pinot Noir and our Super Tuscan il Montaggio). In return for this commitment, members receive wine tasting free of charge at quarterly Wine Club events, plus food pairings, 20% discount on all full case purchases, and first choice of discounted, close-out wines.

Local Wine Club membership is a “plus one.” Bring your spouse or friend — your choice.

Miss a quarterly event? No problem, we can either ship you the wine for a small charge or hold it for the next event and add it to your purchase.

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Wine-by-Mail Club — This is a wine subscription club. You receive a shipment of two or four bottles of featured wines each quarter shipped directly to your home or business. There is a 10% discount on the wine, plus shipping and handling (approximately $15 for California residents, more for other states). Wine-by-Mail Club members need to supply secure payment information, which is safely entered into Square. Payments and shipments are automatic every three months..

Wine-by-Mail Club members are also eligible for 20% discounts on cases of wine, plus shipping.

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